Rights & Responsibilities

Your tenancy falls under the coverage of the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act, 2006.  You can view and learn about this piece of legislation here.  

The Landlord and Tenant Board is an adjudicative tribunal that resolves disputes between tenants and landords according to the RTA.  For more information about the LTB and what it allows/expects of tenants and landlords, visit their site.


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Your rights

Security of tenancy - You can continue to live in your rental unit until you give your landlord proper notice (60 days) that you intend to move out, you and your landlord agree that you can move, or your landlord gives you a notice to end your tenancy for a reason allowed by the Act.

Privacy - Your landlord can only enter your rental unit for the reasons allowed by the Act. In most cases, before entering your unit, your landlord must give you 24 hours written notice. There are some exceptions, however, such as in the case of an emergency or if you agree to allow the landlord to enter.

Quiet enjoyment of your rental space

Your responsibilities

Paying your rent on time.

Keeping your unit clean, up to the standard that most people would consider ordinary or normal cleanliness.

Repairing any damage to the rental property caused by you or your guests - whether on purpose or by not being careful enough.

Allowing others the reasonable enjoyment of their homes and not interfering in the lawful rights, privileges, or interests of others in the residential complex.


The RTA and LTB also provide other protections to landlords and tenants beyond what is listed on this page.  You can get more details from the LTB webpage linked above.